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Game News
Welcome to Obsession

We are a guild playing Kitsu Saga Open Beta.
We are a guild for those who enjoy playing solo for the most part but enjoy the perks of being in a guild.
Guild quests give a lot of money, and build guild ranks as well as giving you faction with the cities.

Some Tips
  • Never repair your gear until you have to, each time you repair it lowers your max durability. You will end up with a broken weapon before you know it.
  • When you get to a high enough level that your fishing kitsu is L3, you may want to think about not draining it's aura. Fishing Pearls are a great source of income while other orange rares aren't, at this time anyway.
  • You can put your Orange sets into your archive when you are done wearing them, and an alt of yours can use them. You can do the same with Kitsus you no longer use, but have durability on them.
  • Raise your Kitsu appreciation faction by visiting friends/guildmates cottages to raise your interaction levels, keep in mind that by performing teasing or mean actions you will hurt your friends/guildmate kitsus.
  • Do material gathering quests from Pan to raise your faction with Imperial Fox Crest.
  • It is possible to get a permanent mount from Heaven Notes but per GMVenom, you must turn in 10 at a time. I am sure the chances are low, but there is still a chance for one.
  • When attempting to make an Orange set piece, if you can get someone to visit your cottage and talk to your kitsu while he is making it, you will find he has a much better chance of success.
  • Every class may use any of the available armor types, however using a weapon not intended for your class disallows usage of your class moves, also, different armor types offer different bonuses (I.E. robes give flat magic damage bonuses, light gives crit damage bonuses) so keep what type of character your trying to build in mind when choosing armor types!

Guild News

Welcome to all our new members!

KSTieka, Oct 27, 10 4:12 PM.
We are happy to have you in our guild, we hope you enjoy your stay.. If in the future, you find another guild that better suits your playing style, no hard feelings.. Very low key, no drama guild..

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

KSTieka, Oct 27, 10 2:06 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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At this time, anyone is welcome to join our guild. Please keep in mind however, this is a guild for people who enjoy soloing.
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